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Victor Knowles, Editor of One Body, Director of Peace on Earth Ministries
Joplin, MO

In The Lost Prayer of Jabez, Larry Pechawer gets out his Hebrew tools, digs into the original text, and comes up with some surprising, even stunning, results. Could Jabez have actually prayed for something other than what our standard English Bible translations have suggested? Discover for yourself the missing key to understanding the original prayer of Jabez.

Dr. Walter D. Zorn, Professor of Old Testament
Lincoln Christian College, Lincoln, IL
  Larry Pechawer is the "Grinch" that stole the "Christmas of Jabez." For many who have jumped on the wagon of The Prayer of Jabez this booklet is a necessary corrective to an unfortunate Jabez fascination with some unfortunate Biblical interpretations. I heartily agree with and endorse the author's "Bah Humbug" as well as his enlightening new interpretation.
Dr. John H. Walton, Professor of Old Testament
Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
  The author has provided a service for the Church both on the technical level by proposing a convincing retranslation of this difficult text, and on the practical level by alerting us to the potential abuse of the Biblical text that could lead us to inappropriate conclusions about how we should approach God and what we should expect from Him.
Dr. Gary Hall, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament
Lincoln Christian Seminary, Lincoln, IL
  Larry, I think you are on to something. Your proposal makes a great deal of sense and helps the text fit better into the context of I Chronicles 4. It makes more sense from the cultural and sociological setting as well. Your work impresses me as a bold plea for sound exegesis and proper application of proper hermeneutical principles.
Dr. Stephen Hooks, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament
Atlanta Christian College, Atlanta, GA
  Thinking Christians, informed lay persons, and pastors, I believe, will definitely benefit [from The Lost Prayer of Jabez].
Lloyd M. Pelfrey, Chancellor and Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament
Central Christian College of the Bible, Moberly, MO
  Professor Pechawer has produced solid evidence that the popular interpretation of the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4 does not represent sound translation or exegesis. His work compelled me to check the Hebrew for the verses involved, and Pechawer s comments are absolutely correct.
Troy L. Kinast, High School Math and Bible School Teacher
Joplin, MO
  Mr. Pechawer's exposition of the prayer of Jabez is a two-fold success. Not only is his revelation convincing, but it is comprehendible by non-Hebrew scholars interested in sound Biblical interpretation.
David B. Fincher, Academic Dean
Central Christian College of the Bible, Moberly, MO
  As someone who was blessed by reading Bruce Wilkinson's The Prayer of Jabez, I was interested in finding what else there was to say about the topic. What I found in Larry Pechawer's book was much of the information that I wish I had heard from the beginning of my study of this prayer. No Bible study of this prayer is complete without reading what his research contributes to the discussion.
Mark E. Moore, Professor of New Testament
Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO
  Fads, by default, are popular but not permanent. The word of God, however, is eternal. Larry Pechawer has done the church a valuable service here in distinguishing between the two. While great good has come from the "Prayer of Jabez" phenomenon, this little book in your hand relentlessly presses the more important issue: But what does the Bible actually say? If Pechawer is correct (and I'm convinced he is), then we're obligated to return to the other model prayers in the New Testament, such as Paul's great prayer s in the epistles or perhaps even the prayer of Jesus, rather than Jabez.
Mark Scott, Academic Dean
Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO
  The Lost Prayer of Jabez makes me think of a statement from Warren and David Wiersbe. They said, "A clever outline is ruined by good exegesis" (The Elements of Preaching, 32). My co-worker, Larry Pechawer, has done his homework- and some won't like the results. But should a text mean what it never meant? Preachers have an obligation to declare the truth regardless of what pop theology is sweeping the land.
Dr. Carl Bridges, Professor of Bible
Johnson Bible College, Knoxville, TN
  Larry Pechawer reminds us of the danger in applying a text spiritually before we know what it means. His careful analysis should not stop us from praying but should keep us from basing too much on too little.
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